About us

Lightinghouse (Thonglor) Co.,Ltd was first established in 1998.

With every success, there will always be a humble beginning, and ours started 40 years ago. Prior to starting, the company evolved from a small electronic shop in Yoawarath (Chinatown). After 11 years in operation(29 years ago), Lightinghouse company was formed to deepened our focus in the lighting business, a Brand with identity.

We wanted to be known not as a simple importer who imports lighting goods, but a company that works with top interior designers and architects, providing them with excellent products as well as great service and after services.

Lightinghouse offer various aspects of lighting products, services and lighting solutions to our customers. Our product ranges start from architectural light, exterior light, decorative light as well as one of a kind customize lighting that creates unique identity to living space. We support lighting design with lux calculation services as well as providing suggestion on design base term where we can make customers desired dream become reality and recently automation system services into our range as well.

With our extensive experience in the industry, we strive to become the best for our customer and we ensure that all our customer receive the greatest satisfaction with our company.
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